COVID-19 Virtual Marketing

Whilst we are suffering the hardships of social distancing, self-isolation and lock downs (and maybe some benefits on reflection) many estate agents are hoping that they might entice house buyers and sellers to engage in virtual marketing and viewings in place of the real thing.

Not wishing to miss out on providing a useful service to home owners wanting to sell while restrictions imposed because of Coronavirus continue, we at Flick and Son have given a lot of thought as to whether or not to organise virtual tours and virtual online marketing for our clients.

The problem of the ‘virtual’ concept is that with all our experience of selling residences to people wanting to move from distance to the beautiful East Suffolk area, no one we have ever known has ever bought a house without first being able to physically ‘see it, touch it and feel it’.

So, while Coronavirus induced social distancing and the absolute need to avoid unnecessary journeys govern our lives, putting a virtual tour of your house online and inviting virtual viewings is, in our experience, virtually pointless!

Rather than going virtual, get in touch with us now through any of our branch phone numbers to discuss selling your house once restrictions are lifted. We and your conveyancer can be getting on with a lot of very useful preparatory work whilst working from home and when we begin to get back to normal your house will arrive fresh to the market with the considerable appeal that that brings.

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Paul Gray – Managing Director – 03.04.2020

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