Make sure your property looks its best

First impressions are crucial. Many house-hunters like to drive past a property before they even arrange a viewing, so make sure your property looks its best from the road.

An attractive front garden with neat hedges, clearly defined paths and a mown lawn is important, so find a few minutes to do the weeding and prune unruly bushes and shrubs. The same applies to the back garden. Your buyers will be imagining themselves relaxing here, so set the scene. Keep it tidy, with fences and sheds in good repair.

It helps to remember that buyers are, like you, looking for a home where they can easily imagine themselves living and being happy, relaxed and comfortable. A few minutes preparing your house for a viewing is well worth the effort. So make it welcoming.

So make it welcoming. If the weather is dull, leave some lights on to give it a cosy feeling. Pull back curtains and open blinds. In summer, leave windows open to create an airy and spacious feel throughout. Make beds, try not to leave washing up in the sink and put away children’s toys.

Keep kitchen and bathroom spaces especially clean and tidy and make sure the taps sparkle!

If you have pets put them outside, along with any litter trays.

Preparing your property for sale

Preparing your paperwork in advance can help a sale to proceed more quickly. If your property has been extended or altered you will need to produce Planning Permission and Building Regulation Approval documents. Guarantees for any remedial work (e.g. damp-proofing) and appliances fitted will be required. If you don’t own the freehold look up the details of your lease (start date and duration) and service charges. In our experience it is very worthwhile asking your solicitor to prepare for your sale in advance to avoid delays.

Moving house is an exciting time and the process is usually straightforward but it does require detailed knowledge of your property and an accurate response to pre-contract enquiries raised by your buyer.

Remember that if potential buyers discover that you’ve been economical with the truth on any issue they will begin to doubt every other piece of information you give them. Also imparting false information has legal repercussions.

Flick & Son are expert in such matters so if you don’t know the answer to a buyer’s question about your property, we are here to help you.

Marketing your property for sale

No two properties are ever the same, so we work with you to design a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to your home so it gains maximum exposure in all the right areas.

More than 80% of potential buyers begin their search online so we immediately place your property on this website and the leading property portals, such as Rightmove. Flick & Son makes sure you receive regular updates as to how many visitors have seen your home online. We advertise regularly in the local and regional press and can place bespoke adverts and editorial in national publications.

Every property we sell is not only featured in the high street Flick & Son branch near you, but we make sure every property in our extensive range is on show in each of our five branches.

Our register of buyers is the most comprehensive in the area.

Creating the right first impression

We prepare a high quality brochure for each property we place on the market with a variety of presentation styles and great photography to show your home at its best. Our written descriptions and free floorplans make your property stand out from the crowd.

Flick & Son offers accompanied viewings so you can get important feedback from potential buyers.

As members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, we set high professional standards of integrity and discretion and our personal service is second to none.

Flick & Son have been perfect on the handling of the sale of the Manor House. Both Mark and yourself have done really well in the negotiations and dealing with the issues without fuss. There always has been an excellent level of communication which is vital to the success of the sale, and I want to thank you for your efforts.

James Lau, London

Legal Terms

There are three main ways to sell a property, by private treaty, auction or tender. Private treaty is by far the most common and suits most circumstances but we are able to advise you if we think that another method would be more appropriate for your particular property.

When you instruct an estate agent to sell your house, the agent must confirm the nature of the contract between you using definitions set down in law. Here is a brief explanation of the various options available to you.

Sole Agency

This is the most usual choice. You instruct a single estate agent to market your property for you and you only pay them commission if they introduce your buyer during the period of their appointment and in accordance with their terms of business.

Joint Sole Agency

You select two agents to represent you, and the agents share the commission if either introduces your buyer during the period of their appointment and in accordance with their terms of business.

Multiple Agency

You select a number of agents to represent you, instructing them independently of each other and only paying commission to whichever agent is successful in introducing a buyer in accordance with their terms of business.

Sole Selling Rights

You instruct a single estate agent, and you will pay them commission if your property sells, whether or not that agent introduced your buyer.

Ready, Willing And Able Purchaser

If you instruct an agent under these terms and you agree a sale to a ‘ready, willing and able’ purchaser introduced by your agent, you will pay some or all of the commission due depending on your individual contract with your agent should you later decide to withdraw your house from the market.

Sale Agreed/Under Offer

Both mean the same, identifying that period of time between agreeing a sale and making it legally binding by exchange of contracts.


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